The Knowsley Social

How We’ve Worked With The Safari

The Knowsley Social @ Knowsley Safari

There is a long history of holding successful evening events at Knowsley Safari, which have utilised the safari’s experience and expertise of always upholding their top priority of maintaining animal welfare.

The same approach has been at the heart of organising The Knowsley Social, which is being hosted as a completely self-contained event on land adjacent to the foot safari.

We have worked closely with the animal keepers and with the local council to develop an event that has the welfare of the animals as its prime consideration. A detailed animal management welfare plan and sound management protocol have been developed and will be continually assessed and acted upon throughout the duration of the event.

These plans have been reviewed by the Local Council Zoo Licensing Officer and the Local Authority Zoo Inspector. The official report notes that “the management team are commended on the thorough and detailed plans that have been put in place. Both during set up and pack down, as well as throughout the events, the welfare of the animals is taking prime consideration, and will be monitored continuously”.

This feedback recognises the robust sound suppression techniques that have been put in place to maintain animal welfare, as well as protocols ensuring the ongoing care and monitoring of animal behaviour throughout the event period.

All monitoring and analysis will form part of a comprehensive scientific study that will be submitted for peer-review publication after the event and our findings will be available to other zoos and safaris that are considering similar events in the future.